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The Douglas is a tapestry of Earth and Sky. It just needs you to add the water.

This board works hard for you in the surf and is unassumingly quick on the water, while its stability means you don't have to take a dunk in the middle of your sun salutations (unless you want to). 

This is a board that treats beginners with care and experts with respect. A worthy companion to all styles and skill levels.

Construction: PVC, drop stitch, double nylon and tarpaulin reinforcement, diamond-groove EVA, Halkey-Roberts valve

Weight Limit: 450 lbs.

Max PSI: 20

Thickness: 4.5" for maximum versatility on rough and calm waters

Warranty: 1 year

Free Accessories included:

- Douglas Backpack

- Pump with gauge

- Collapsible paddle

- Leash

- Large fin (removable)

- 2 Small fixed fins

- Repair kit

- Owner's manual