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The Kricka is named for the Eurasian teal or common teal duck, known as the kricka. So brilliantly distinctive is the plumage around the bird's eyes, that the colour teal is actually named after this little creature of air and water. After inspiring the colour, it inspired this board.

Our Kricka is a love letter to the Canadian summer. It is days on the beach and at the cottage. It is hikes and bike rides and ice cream dripping down your arm. It is farmer's markets and barbecues and hammocks. It is the Atlantic and the Pacific and the thousands of lakes in between, great and small.

This board is an all-rounder that sits on the water with the confidence of its namesake. The Kricka is extremely well balanced and as suitable for paddling with speed as it is with yoga. It has a habit of making beginners feel like experts and experts feel like gods.

We made this board for all of us. Here's to a long summer, full of adventure.

Construction: German military grade PVC, high-density drop stitch, quad nylon and tarpaulin reinforcement, diamond-groove EVA, high-strength Halkey-Roberts valve

Weight Limit: 450 lbs.

Max PSI: 30

Recommended PSI: 15

Thickness: 5" for maximum versatility on rough and calm waters

Warranty: 2 years

Free Accessories included:

High-quality rolling travel backpack

- Pump with gauge

- Telescopic paddle

- Leash

- Large fin (removable)

- 2 Small fixed fins

- 1 Repair Kit

-1 Owner's manual