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Don't be taken in by the retro look and spacious pad. Yes, this board is lovely for a relaxing paddle and perfect for a day of surfing or yoga but its speed is what takes riders by surprise. Finish up your downward dog and then beat everyone else to the beach for a well earned mojito. Or kale shake if it's that kind of session.

Construction: PVC, drop stitch, nylon and tarpaulin reinforcement, diamond-groove EVA, Halkey-Roberts valve

Weight Limit: 450 lbs.

Max PSI: 20

Thickness: 4.5" for maximum versatility on rough and calm waters

Warranty: 1 year

Free Accessories included:

- Pump with gauge

- 1 Collapsible paddle

- 1 Leash

- 1 Large fin (removable)

- 2 Small fixed fins

- 1 Backpack

- 1 Repair kit

-1 Owner's manual