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Really impressed with the quality of this board and the Canada 150 design looks even better in person than on the website! My son didn't even realize it was an inflatable until I told him. The board is that firm. Will be getting a second board from Timberless later in the summer. Thanks!
Michael B, ON 

Great product, accessories and real value for money. All this with a fast and efficient service too! Bring on the summer!!!!
- Keith Ashford, ON

Really like your boards and have had an awesome summer.
- Mark and Cathy H, BC

LOVE my board. I went out on Sun morning before we left and ended up talking to a few people on the beach as they were asking me about it. I gave it rave reviews realizing I could use it many different ways (was wavy and windy but still a blast).
- Trish H, NJ

Thanks so much!
- Karine L, BC

Thanks so much for this, we really enjoy these boards
- Brittney H, BC

Love love my board!!!! I bought mine late in the season for Alberta but I plan to pack it with me when I head to Maui next month. Thanks to the staff for all the help in choosing the board for me!
- Rylee Waters, AB

Just wanted to get back to you about the board, thank you for sending it so quickly to us.
- Chad SP, BC

Great quality!!! I love my board and my friends are jealous... So expect some repeat business
- Melissa Forde, AB

For the balance of speed and stability the Douglas is the best board I have ever paddled. Thanks again for the recommendation. Maybe next time we'll go with a Skaana for surfing the lakes.
- Michael J, ON

Great boards, cool accessories and super efficient customer service. I love my board. Thank you Timberless team.
- Alex King, ON

Can't convey how pleased I am with that turnaround and customer service. I wish I was headed up to my place this weekend to test her out, but she'll have to wait till the long weekend!! Looking incredibly forward to it. Thanks again.
- Donald B, ON